Drumming 5.0

Torsten Zwingenberger



The jazz quartet BERLIN 21 stands for Moabit’s lively attitude towards life. This spirited district is a place of desire, characterized by vigor and parallel mentalities. The unique atmosphere of this urban course is the inspiration to his debut album ”CAPITAL LETTERS”, that was published as CD and DVD by the Berlin Label Blackbird Music on May 16th 2014.

BERLIN 21's new team: Lionel Haas, Torsten Zwingenberger, Martin Lillich, Tim Seier - photo © Christa Zwingenberger

The drummer TEASY/Torsten Zwingenberger is one of the busiest personalities on the German jazz scene. On his agenda are more than one hundred concerts per year, international tours and numerous projects as a bandleader and sideman. In his twenties he was already working with jazz legends such as Buddy Tate, Harry "Sweets" Edison and Joe Pass.

In addition, he developed a special technique of drumming called Drumming 5.1, for which he extends the classic drum kit by adding a wide variety of percussion instruments that can be played by all four limbs with artistic precision.

Since 1980 Zwingenberger has been living in Moabit, the central district of Berlin, which formerly had the zip code Berlin 21. This mostly underestimated district is typical for Berlin and at the same time frank and direct, brush, funny and charming. In the midst of the colorful variety of Moabit Zwingenberger has founded lots of his legendary band formations as well as his recent project BERLIN 21.

Torsten Zwingenberger (dr/perc), Patrick Farrant (g), Lionel Haas (p) and Martin Lillich (bassello) have known and appreciated each other for years, but still haven’t played together as a quartet. This chance first arises in spring 2013, when Zwingenberger puts together a band for a gig. Right from the beginning these special vibes hang in the air: four brilliant virtuosos attuned to each other immediately and inspiring spur each other to a musical peak performance.
At BERLIN 21 elements of bebop and hard bop, soul, Latin and Afro jazz meet and merge into an exciting sound experience. The band compositions on “CAPITAL LETTERS” are “Briefe aus der Hauptstadt” – printed in capital letters – and carry out the pulsating sound of Moabit into the world.

The pianist Lionel Haas, born in Bonn in 1971, has been playing the piano since the age of 9. After a stay of 4 years in Washington DC he has been at home in Berlin since 1999. Besides his trio, quintet and octett formations, he is working as one of the most sought after sidemen of the Berlin jazz scene. He is well at home in different styles of jazz and again and again proves himself as a highly virtuosic soloist with a strong blues feeling.

Martin Lillich is known to be one of the most distinguished bass players in the Berlin scene and already played with innumerable bands. He has been the musical director of "Pomp, Duck and Circumstance" for 5 years.

The guitar play of the young Canadian Tim Seier is virtuoso and harmonious. He is born in 1991 and grew up in Winnipek/Canada. Tim has entered the band since January 2016. He lives in Berlin since 2015 and delights the audience and the press right from the beginning.