Drumming 5.0

Torsten Zwingenberger


Georg Schroeter, Marc Breitfelder and Torsten Zwingenberger

On February 5th 2011 Jay Sieleman (Blues Foundation) spoke the fantastic words: And the winner is - Baltic Blues Society, Georg Schroeter and Marc Breitfelder, representing Germany!

With these words the two had become the first European winners of the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, USA, the world's greatest blues musician competition. For the first time they took the award away from the mother country of blues and brought it to Europe. The foundation of the mostly improvised music by Schroeter and Breitfelder is blues, complemented by other genres of music such as rock ‘n’ roll, rhythm ‘n’ blues, boogie woogie or country music, and instrumented with virtuoso piano, perfect harp playing as well as a unique blues voice.

Georg Schroeter, Torsten Zwingenberger, Marc Breitfelder, Foto © Christa Brockmann

German blues musicians rarely participate in the world's greatest blues contest on American soil, which makes the win of the 27th Blues Challenge (IBC) 2011 in Memphis, TN, USA that more unique. What is even more extraordinary, is that these two musicians from Kiel, Germany were in fact the first European musicians to ever bring the coveted award from the United States, the home of blues, to Europe in IBC’s 27 year history! Now, the two can be sure to have earned their place in the history of American and European music.

Georg Schroeter (piano & vocals): His fingers seem to glide across the piano’s keys on their own, while Schroeter knows how to fascinate with a unique blues voice. His powerful, yet gentle, ecstatic and simply beautiful voice and piano playing form the kind of perfect unity that casts a spell on the audience ... and in the end, when his eyes still shine and sparkle, it’s all good for Marc, the audience and him!

Marc Breitfelder (harmonica) masters the "Mississippi saxophone" perfectly. Through a self-developed new brass technique Breitfelder reaches dimensions on the harmonica which fascinate audiences and colleagues from all over the world. Congenially aligned with Schroeter, Breitfelder plays tones, sounds and harmonies that can’t be heard anywhere else in the world, but which are deeply rooted in the tradition of "classical" harp playing!

In TEASY/Torsten Zwingenberger (drums & percussions) the two have found a soul mate. Zwingenberger maintains his blues roots with stylistic versatility of the swing, melodic and rapid jazz. During their first meeting, it became clear that a collaboration was simply meant to happen, because they discovered that working together felt as if they had played as a group for decades. As the drummer and the backbone of any jazz group, TEASY/Torsten Zwingenberger treasures his perfect sounding and precise instrument, which happens to be a drum kit custom-made for him with stainless steel shells by Berlin drum designer Udo Masshoff.