Drumming 5.0

Torsten Zwingenberger



Jan Luley and the best-known German jazz all-round drummer Torsten Zwingenberger are blending groovy New Orleans Rhythm and Blues, light Swing and speedy Boogie Woogie. Zwingenberger developed a highly complex technique of drumming called Drumming 5.1. With great skill he brings together the classical two-handed open way of drum playing with hand-percussion and up to 5 simultaneously played foot pedals. Zwingenberger and Luley keep creating rhythm collages of sorts in which they mix old as well as new styles of jazz and blues.

Torsten Zwingenberger and Jan Luley Foto © JanLuleyPhotograpy_1
Torsten Zwingenberger and Jan Luley Foto © JanLuleyPhotograpy_2

Jan Luley & TEASY/Torsten Zwingenberger is a piano and drum duo founded in spring of 2012 and inspired by blues and jazz. Luley studied Jazz in the Netherlands where he majored in piano and has been performing all over Europe since 1983. His focus is on piano styles from New Orleans, which he combines with modern accents, as well as his own compositions. The result is an exciting and groovy sounding musical collage.
Other musical preferences are classic jazz, swing, boogie woogie and gospel, as well as Creole-Caribbean rhythms. Luley has found his perfect match in Zwingenberger, whose trademark is not only the sounding bar stool, which he religiously carries along to each performance with his drum kit, but also his special drum technique.
The meanings of the two elements of drumming called "sound" and "groove" may be hard to explain, however, Zwingenberger has just that. He's been at home on concert stages since the mid-seventies and improves every jazz composition with his drumming 5.1-technology. By doing so he is free to create his own music by putting his personal touches on the pieces.

Jan Luley (piano & vocal) and TEASY/Torsten Zwingenberger (drums & percussions): Two virtuosos with blues feeling and entertainment value - piano and percussion in spiritual kinship.
The debut album is being prepared for release and will be published in autumn 2014.