Drumming 5.0

Torsten Zwingenberger


"TEASY Swing Out Best"

This group is an exciting encounter of Berlin and Hamburg jazz musicians. The renowned, exceptional drummer Torsten Zwingenberger (pseudonym TEASY) meets three virtuoso colleagues: Ralph Reichert (sax), Patrick Farrant (guitar) and Giorgi Kiknadze (bass).

They join for a hot and swinging session with pieces from the American Songbook and compositions of their own. "Teasy" presents his percussion technique – known as Drumming 5.1 – which he has developed over the last few years. Among other things he has combined the drum kit with percussion instruments; he temporarily operates five foot pedals simultaneously, plays with three sticks in two hands, and generates finely intertwined rhythmical lines.

Ralph Reichert (sax)
Patrick Farrant (guit)
Giorgi Kiknadze (bass)
TEASY/Torsten Zwingenberger (dr/perc)