Drumming 5.0

Torsten Zwingenberger


Drumming 5.1 by Torsten Zwingenberger


Torsten Zwingenberger improves every jazz composition with his drumming 5.1 technology. Since 1974, Zwingenberger, plays the drums to a level of enviable competence. Anyone who has heard him play live on stage, is witness to the dynamics and precision of this outstanding technique. His superior control over the drums is an essential component of the 5.1 drumming sounds. With a variety of different effects TEASY defines the new drum solo.

Drumming 5.1 is the advancement of the analog handmade drum and percussion technology:

- Drums combined with percussion
- At times 5 foot pedals played simultaneously
- Open handed (and "footed") plus twin effects
- Melodic, groovy, swinging, dynamic, innovative and very fast
- Pure analog technique without electronic support