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BERLIN 21 CD album "Odds On" published Oct. 14.2016
BERLIN 21 - Odds On - published Oct. 14.2016

with Torsten Zwingenberger (dr/perc), Tim Seier (g), Lionel Haas (p/Rhodes/keyb), Martin Lillich (bassello), recorded Blackbird Music Studio Berlin July, 17 - 20.2016
Label: Blackbird Music, Order-Nr. BR 201 628

01 Sitaki Shari (Martin Lillich)
02 Swindle (Lionel Haas)
03 Take Back The Scene (Lionel Haas)
04 Steppin' In (Patrick Farrant)
05 Third Line (Martin Lillich)
06 Black Sea Blues (Martin Lillich)
07 W.M. (Patrick Farrant)
08 Ten To The Bar (Lionel Haas)
09 To 3 Or Not To 3 (Martin Lillich)
10 Five Elements (Martin Lillich)
11 Key Turn (Martin Lillich)
12 Insight (Martin Lillich)
13 Express Brain (Martin Lillich)
14 Mockingbird (Martin Lillich)

All songs are published by Blackbird Music Berlin

NEW ORLEANS SHAKERS live at 20th Dixieland Jubilee
NEW ORLEANS SHAKERS live at 20th Dixieland Jubilee

with Thomas l'Etienne (cl/sax/voc), Jan-Hendrik Ehlers (p), Oliver Karstens (b), Torsten Zwingenberger (dr/perc); recorded live in Ludwigsburg january 16./17.2016

01 Gloria's Kitchen (Thoams l'Etienne)
02 As Long As I Live
03 They Say It's Wonderful
04 Feiticio
05 Burgundy Street Blues
06 When I Grow Too Old To Dream
07 Happy Steamtrain (Torsten Zwingenberger)
08 Sentimental Journey
09 Ei Quero é Sossego
10 Tico Tico
11 You Call It Madness, But I Call It Love
12 Kidney Stew
13 The Song has Ended

Jan Luley / Torsten Zwingenberger - Airforce One
Jan Luley / Torsten Zwingenberger - Airforce One

with Jan Luley (p/voc), Torsten Zwingenberger (dr/perc), recorded at Sound & More Studio, Darmstadt, Feb. 2014 and Luley Music Records, Hauneck, Nov. 2015

01 Keep On Gwine
02 Pennies From Heaven
03 Get Out Of My Life Woman
04 Blues For A Red Cat
05 On The Sunny Side Of The Street
06 Air Force One
07 Light The Way
08 Sweet Lorraine
09 Martin's Mambo
10 Frenchmen Street
11 I'm Going Home
12 We Shall Walk Through The Streets Of The City


BERLIN 21, CAPITAL LETTERS (Album out on 05/16/14)
BERLIN 21, CAPITAL LETTERS CD and DVD (Album out on 05/16/14)

with TEASY/Torsten Zwingenberger (dr/perc), Patrick Farrant (g), Lionel Haas (p), Martin Lillich (bassello), live recorded Blackbird Music Studio Berlin Nov. 4 and 5 2013
The complete session is published on CD and DVD

01 A Minor (Patrick Farrant / Blackbird Music)
02 Clues (Martin Lillich)
03 Windy City (Lionel Haas / Blackbird Music)
04 Velvet Hammer (Patrick Farrant / Blackbird Music)
05 Pour Claude (Patrick Farrant / Blackbird Music)
06 E M N S (Es muss nicht sein) (Patrick Farrant / Blackbird Music)
07 Drumsolo: The Train is steaming from Friedrichstrasse to Zoo
(Torsten Zwingenberger / Blackbird Music)
08 On The Trax (Patrick Farrant / Blackbird Music)
09 Fresh Air (Martin Lillich)
10 Breaking Free (Lionel Haas / Blackbird Music)
11 Park Atmo (Lionel Haas / Blackbird Music)
12 Takin‘ A Walk (Patrick Farrant / Blackbird Music)

Only on DVD:
13 Drum Solo: Jaguar‘s Tiremarks (Torsten Zwingenberger / Blackbird Music)


New Orleans Shakers, Live in Hamburg
New Orleans Shakers, Live in Hamburg

with TEASY/Torsten Zwingenberger (dr/perc), Thomas l'Etienne (voc/clar/sax), Markus Pohle (p), Kurt Tomm (b)

Disc 1
1. Wolverine Blues
2. My Monday Date
3. Someday Sweetheart
4. Stumblin'
5. Shreveport Stomp
6. Sweet Substitute
7. Boogie Woogie Stomp
8. Winin' Boy Blues
9. Get the Bucket
10. Drum Intro to Brasileirhinho (TEASYs Drumsolo)
11. Brasileirhinho

Disc 2:
1. I've Got the Feeling I'm Falling
2. Swing 42
3. Cornet Chop Suey
4. In a Sentimental Mood
5. High Society
6. Handful of Keys
7. I Don't Know Why
8. Drum Intro to Tico Tico (TEASYs Drumsolo)
9. Panama
10. Caldonia


Lyambiko, "Love... And Then"

with Sandy Mueller ("Lyambiko") (voc), Marque Lowenthal (p), Robin Draganic (b),
T.Z. (dr/perc), SONY/BMG

1. Give It Up
2. Quartier Bohème
3. Lost Melody
4. Peaceful Eyes
5. Ballast Over Board
6. Blue Moon
7. Never Let Me Go
8. Shadow Walk
9. Small Day Tomorrow
10. I'd Rather Stay In Bed
11. It's Snowing On Me
12. Share Your Dreams
13. Tale Of The Tuna
14. Motherless Child
15. Over The Rainbow


2005 CD Lyamb-Lyamb 41A87X4D96L.jpg
Lyambiko, "Lyambiko"

with Sandy Mueller ("Lyambiko") (voc), Marque Lowenthal (p), Robin Draganic (b),
T.Z. (dr/perc), Helmar Marczinski (sax), Giorgio Crobu (g), SONY/BMG

1. Summer Samba
2. The Nearness Of You
3. Love Me Or Leave Me
4. Samba Y Amor
5. April In Paris
6. Afionas
7. Shiny Stockings
8. Stormy Weather
9. You Go To My Head
10. Holding Up
11. O Pato
12. Corcovado
13. Sitting In A Tree
14. It Could Happen To You


2004 CD Tate Live 1 DSCN1223.jpg
Buddy Tate, "Tate Live"

Buddy Tate (sax), T. Z.(dr), Hendrik Meurkens (vibes), Otto Weiss (p), Dieter Guetzkow (b), recorded live in Berlin in 1986, Nagel Heyer Records

1. Tangerine
2. Shiny stockings
3. Sweet Georgia brown
4. Summertime
5. Jumpin' at the woodside
6. She's got it


2003 CD Shades of Delight 41TAQRW31ML_002.jpg
Lyambiko, "Shades Of Delight"

with Sandy Mueller ("Lyambiko") (voc), Marque Lowenthal (p), Robin Draganic (b),
T.Z. (dr/perc), Nagel Heyer Records

1. Moondance
2. Tenderly
3. I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm
4. Lush Life
5. Your Mind Is On Vacation (And Your Mouth Is Working Overtime)
6. Black Coffee
7. Morning
8. Dindi
9. Malaika
10. Savannah Suite: Drum And Bass And Bananas, Ilangamo, Afro Blue Revisited
11. Isn't This A Lovely Day


2002 CD Lyamb Out of This Mood 02 41EJB1HCKAL_002.jpg
Lyambiko, "Out Of This Mood"

with Sandy Mueller ("Lyambiko") (voc), Marque Lowenthal (p), Robin Draganic (b),
T.Z. (dr/perc), Nagel Heyer Records

1. Some other time
2. If I were a bell
3. Chegra de saudade
4. Afro blue
5. Gone with the wind
6. Can't get out of this mood
7. Our love is here to stay
8. I Ain't Got Nothin' But The Blues
9. Parakeet prowl
10. Mean to me
11. Work song
12. Do nothin' till you hear from me
13. Miss Celie's blues
14. You'd be so nice to come home to
15. Skylark


2000 CD VZdZ.jpg
"Vom Zauber der Züge"

picture book plus audio CD with Big Joe Turner, Sippie Wallace, Jay McShann,
Mama Yancey, Red Holloway, Mojo Blues Band, Torsten Zwingenberger and others,
Vagabond Records

1. Thundertrain
2. Railway Nocturne
3. Steel Dragon
4. The Fives
5. Dream Train
6. Santa Fe Blues
7. 44 Blues
8. Cow Cow Blues
9. Ooeeh Train
10. Low Down Dog
11. Chicago Flyer
12. Honky Tonk Train Blues
13. Big Black 310
14. Running Late
15. How Long Blues


1999 CD Boptists 1 DSCN1219.jpg
Boptists, "It Was A Good Ride"

Finn Wiesner (sax), Ekkehard Woelk (p), Johannes Gunkel (b), T. Z. (dr/perc), Recycling Records (not available)

1. It Was A Good Ride
2. Shadow Walk
3. Finnegan's Cake
4. The Nightwalker
5. Minor
6. YoYo
7. Lazy I
8. U.C.!
9. Projection
10. Hard Times In The City


1998 CD Drivin You crazy 1 DSCN1239.jpg
Torsten Zwingenberger, "Drivin' You Crazy" with Boptists

Finn Wiesner (sax), Ekkehard Woelk (p), Johannes Gunkel (b), T. Z. (dr/perc); Ekkehard Woelk Trio: E. Woelk (p), Klaus Axenkopf (b), T. Z. (dr/perc); Tal Balshai Trio: Tal Balshai (p), Robin Draganic (b), T.Z. (dr/perc); Jon Marks Traditional Jazz Trio: Jon Marks (p), Peter Mueller (cl/sax). T.Z. (dr), Recycling Records (not available)

1. Work Song
2. Search For Peace
3. Stablemates
4. Very Early
5. My Funky Valentine
6. Sunny
7. Camel
8. Late Present
9. Sherylport Stomp
10. Cap's Blues
11. House On The Rock
12. Giant Steps


1997 CD Brothers.jpg
Axel & Torsten Zwingenberger, "Brothers in Boogie"

Berlin, Vagabond Records

1. Brothers In Boogie
2. Boogie-Momm & Woogie-Dad
3. Grandma's Stride
4. Johnny's Jumpin' Latin Joint
5. Champ Of Charme
6. H. M. Hop
7. Cooney's Cornet
8. Pinetop's Boogie Woogie
9. Rolling For Big Joe
10. Mo' A-Beat
11. African Groovin'
12. To Those Who Love These Blues
13. Fish Head Boogie
14. Rockin' The Philharmonic
15. In A Möller Tone


1996 CD Silvermine cover 1 DSCN1232.jpg
"Silvermine" with David Beecroft (sax)

Rurik van Heys (p), Claus Rueckbeil (g), Daniel Zenke (b), T.Z. (dr),
Recycling Records (not available)

1. Jody Grind
2. Come on home
4. African Quenn
5. Kiss me right
6. Filthy Mc Nasty
7. Strollin’
8. Home Cooking
9. Sister sadie.


1994 CD Open sunroof 1 DSCN1235.jpg
Torsten Zwingenberger Band, "Open Sunroof"

with Fiete Felsch (sax), Matthias Baetzel (p), Kalli Gerhards (b), Recycling Records (not available)

1. Open Sunroof
2. F.A.B.
3. Yours Is My Heart Alone
4. Besame Mucho
5. Memories Of Norway
6. Sandu
7. St. Louis Blues
8. Gigi
9. Love Waltz
10. Ping Pong
11. My Foolish Heart
12. Lover


1991 CD Drumkid 1 .jpg
Torsten Zwingenberger solo, "Drumkid"

Recycling Records, (not available)

1. Drumba
2. Perdido
3. Free Blowing
4. Nice To Beat You
5. Airbrush
6. Use Your Fingers
7. I Remember New Orleans
8. Woodpecker
9. Bacia Me Tanto
10. The Streamtrain
11. On The Bayou
12. Hip Hop March
13. Bolero Brutalo


1989 CD Plas 1 DSCN1217.jpg
"Plas Johnson meets Torsten Zwingenberger and Band"

Plas Johnson (sax), Boris Vanderlek (sax), Giorgio Crobu (g), Kalli Gerhards (b), Torsten Zwingenberger (dr), Recycling Records (not available)

1. Cooking At The Continental
2. Easy Living
3. Cute
4. Nica's Dream
5. Dolphin Street Blues
6. Bottoms Up
7. The Pendulum AtFalcon's Lair
8. Lover Man
9. Jungle
10. When Lights Are Low
11. St. Thomas
12. Good Bait


ATZ Boogie Woogie Bros. 1988 619E1HR41JL.jpg
"Boogie Woogie Bros. Axel and Torsten Zwingenberger"

rec. February 1988 live in Vienna

1. Ballade Pour Adrenalin
2. Solid Sending Boogie
3. Jazzland Blues
4. Little Eva's Dance
5. Farewell To Peter
6. Two Eels Waltzing On An Icecak
7. Walking Down The Keys
8. Jive For Johnson
9. Eva's Pleasure
10. Brothers Boogie

1988 CD Champs Housewarming  Vol.5.jpg
Axel Zwingenberger & The Friends of Boogie Woogie Vol. 5, "Champ's Housewarming"

Champion Jack Dupree, Axel and Torsten Zwingenberger and the Mojo Blues Band from Vienna live at Jazzland Vienna Austria

1. Champ's Houswarming
2. When I Was One Year Old
3. Mean Mistreater
4. Tricks Ain't Walkin' No More
5. Shake, Baby, Shake
6. Hugarian Stew
7. Shim Sham Shimmy
8. No Future
9. Come Back Baby
10. Whiskey Head Woman
11. When I'm Drinkin'

1988 CD Chapion on Stage Vol.6.jpg
Axel Zwingenberger & The Friends of Boogie Woogie Vol. 6, "On Stage With Champion Jack Dupree

Axel and Torsten Zwingenberger" live at Jazzland Vienna Austria

1. I Hate To Be Alone
2. No Dog No More
3. Do You Think Of Me?
4. Jack's Boogie Woogie
5. Driftin' Boogie
6. I Left My Mother
7. Everyday I Have The Blues
8. Diggin' In My Potatoes
9. Bring Me Flowers
10. The Drinker

1988 CD Pewny DSCN1265.jpg
"Vienna Boogie Woogie"

Michael Pewny and Torsten Zwingenberger, Susy Records

1. Vienna Boogie Woogie
2. Sweet Sixteen Bars
3. Chicago Stomp
4. Bear Cat Crawl
5. Honky Tonk Train Blues
6. Rolling Boogie Woogie
7. Mr. Freddie Blues
8. Back To Harlem
9. Hamp's Boogie
10. Yancey Special
11. How Long Blues
12. No Time Without Boogie


1987 LP Sweets  DSCN1251.jpg
Harry Sweets Edison meets Torsten Zwingenberger and Band, "There'll Never Be Another You"

with Harry Sweets Edison (tp), Hendrik Meurkens (vibes/p), Giorgio Crobu (g), Kalli Gerhards (b), Torsten Zwingenberger (dr), recorded Berlin, Germany, Oct. 10 1986, Recycling Records/CD on Nagel Heyer Records

1. There Will Never Be Another You
2. Ow!
3. Wave
4. Cotton Tail
5. In a Mellow Tone
6. Willow Weep for Me
7. 'S Wonderful
8. Centerpiece


1986 LP Tate DSCN1249.jpg
Buddy Tate (sax) meets Torsten Zwingenberger (dr)

Otto Weiss (p) and Dieter Guetzkow (b), recorded live in Stuttgart 1983, Recycling Records


1984 LP Swingburger DSCN1250.jpg
Torsten Zwingenberger's Swingburger, "Groovy at the Movie"

with John Defferary (sax/voc), Hendrik Meurkens (vibes/harmonica), Ulli Hanke (p/org), Kalli Gerhards (b), Torsten Zwingenberger (dr), Jutta Waldeck (voc), Rainer Stemmermann (voc). Moustache Music (not available)

1. Just You, Just Me
2. Stompin' At The Savoy
3. Perdido
4. Body And Soul
5. All Of Me
6. Sei mal verliebt
7. Groovy At The Movie
8. North German Lowland Shuffle
9. Satin Doll
10. Honeysuckle Rose
11. Route 66
12. Swingburger Special


1982 LP-CDATZ Joe Newman Vol.2.jpg
"Between Hamburg and Hollywood"

with Axel Zwingenberger, Joe Newman, Big Joe Turner, Lloyd Glenn, Vagabond Records

1. Boogie call blues
2. Ridin' the rocket
3. Joe's lonesome blues
4. Don't be mad at me, pretty mama
5. Palm tree
6. Funky stuff
7. Freeway driver
8. Struttin' the boogie
9. Hollywood special
10. L & A groove
11. Three o'clock stomp
12. Sunset and gower blues
13. Boogie woogie mess around
14. Lonesome sundown
15. Crawdad hole
16. Watch the boogie


1981 LP TZ Trio DSCN1255.jpg
Torsten Zwingenberger Trio featuring John Defferary (cl/sax)

with Regina Tischer (voc), Harold John Abstein (p), Andy Müller Records (not available)

1. Drum Boogie
2. Ebb Tide
3. Tain't What You Do
4. I'm Confessin'
5. Jumpin' With John
6. Fresenhof Boogie-woogie
7. Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens
8. Georgia On My Mind
9. Bolero At The Savoy
10. I Wonder
11. Cadillac Blues
12. Let Me Call You Sweetheart


1977-80 CDs Pyrker.jpg
"Return To Blues"

Martin Pyrker (p) and Torsten Zwingenberger (dr), recorded in Wels, Austria, EMI, now on Styx Records

1. Boogie Woogie Drive
2. Jimmy´s Rocks
3. Return To Blues
4. She´s A Good Deal
5. How Long Blues
6. Boogie Rolls On
7. Gettin´ Up Again
8. Blues For Albert
9. Indiana Avenue Stomp
10. I Can´t Sleep
11. Nobody´s Business
12. Feel Like Jumping


1979 LP All Night.jpg
"Let's Boogie Woogie All Night Long"

Big Joe Turner, Axel Zwingenberger, Torsten Zwingenberger, recorded in Los Angeles, USA

1. Roll 'Em Boy
2. New Goin' Away Blues
3. In The Evening
4. Corrine Corrina Boogie
5. Arbor Place Blues
6. Rock The Joint Boogie
7. John's And Louis' Blues
8. Jelly Jelly Blues
9. The L.A. Boogie Chase
10. Sit Down On Your Daddy's Knee
11. The Chicken And The Hawk Boogi
12. Low Down Dog


1977-80 CDs Pyrker.jpg
"It's Whoopie"

Jo Ann Kelly (voc), Martin Pyrker (p) and Torsten Zwingenberger (dr), recorded live in Vienna/Austria, EMI, now on Styx Records

1. Low Down Dog Blues
2. B.D. Woman
3. Nothing But Boogie
4. Sometimes I'm Happy, Sometime I Feel Blue
5. It's Whoopie
6. Cow Cow Blues
7. Meade Lux Special
8. If You Loose Your Money
9. Two Nineteen Blues
10. Boogie On The Rocks
11. Chicago Session


"Boogie Woogie Session '76 live in Vienna"

with Axel Zwingenberger, Hans-Georg Moeller, Martin Pyrker (p) and Torsten Zwingenberger (dr), EMI

1. Thursday Evening Blues
2. H.M. Boogie
3. Roll´ Em
4. Hardtop Special
5. Two O´Clock Blues
6. Turn My Back On Everybody
7. Pickin´ Up Speed
8. Boogie Woogie Session